with Human Growth Hormone Therapy (HGH)!

*  This is a POWERFUL NATURAL Firming and Collagen building treatment ideal for maturing or scarred skin.  Client remains very comfortable throughout the treatment. Treatment begins on well (topically) numbed skin. Ultra-fine micro-needles rapidly pierce the skin while 57 POWERFUL Human Growth Factors (FDA Approved) are  deeply "pushed" into the epidermis and dermis to begin repair & regeneration!  This treatment stimulates a cascade effect of the bodies' own production of growth factors PLUS the skin is receives a high concentration of  Human derived Growth Hormone with its' 57 growth factors & fibroblast (collagen builders) immediately begin to repair and stimulate collagen regeneration immediately.  This treatment addresses pigmentation problems, over-thinning of the skin, and softens deep lines and scars.  Choose Two areas: Face & Neck; Face & Chest; or Face & Back of Hands.  $449 (series of 3-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are ideal for optimal collagen regeneration results).  Add: An additional vial of HGH and 2 other treatment areas for only $199 more!!

Collagen Induction Therapy (Dermapen) w/ Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Penetration

Collagen Regeneration Treatment​

*  FDA Approved

​*  Contains 57 Growth Factors

* 4X stronger than human platelet therapy (PRP)

*  "Reboots" the skin to regenerate itself and stimulate collagen production

​*  To be completed with Dermapen treatment

*The Most NATURAL & Powerful APPROACH to  Anti-Aging & Corrective work Available!


*$449 (Two areas) or *Trio Package $1199  (SAVE $148)

*​(Treatment Includes: Topical Numbing Cream AND Home Healing Cream-NO HIDDEN COSTS!)

Additional Custom discount packages available upon request!

Collagen Induction Therapy WITHOUT HGH is AVAILABLE upon request!!  This treatment uses the same newest "medical quality" equipment ,but does NOT include the added benefits of Human Derived Growth Hormones so healing is slower and results are not as pronounced since the  client is solely is relying on their own growth factors when healing and  collagen regeneration.  


Yvonne's Garden Spa 

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Three Day Peels:

Seven Day Peel


*  "Flower Acid Peel"

*  Multiacid peeling gel

*  Helps initiate cellular renewal & cellular turnover

*  Provides skin lightening and free radical damage reversal.  

*  Typically a "Gentle" peeling process

* Great for all skin types (even sensitive)

  $129 or Trio Package for $349

(add: $50 Chest or $35 Hands)

DEEP-7 DAY Peel:


*  ANTI-i Aging, ANTI-Acne, ANTI-pigmentation, ANTI-scarring, ANTI- Sun-damage, ANTI-Everything! 
* Only available For Yvonne's Established clientele seeking a RESULTS ORIENTED treatment!
 Clinical Treatment w/Some Downtime
*  Goal: Collagen & Elastin building

*  Continual results seen for up to 6 weeks after session 
*  Yearly or Bi-yearly treatment 
*  Visible peeling for 5-7 days
INCLUDED:  Post-peel healing cream & Follow-up healing OXYGEN FACIAL ($110 value)


(This Treatment is For "Established" clientele ONLY who has properly prep'd the skin w/ Yvonne for a minimum of 6-8 weeks)

FOR THE RESULTS ORIENTED INDIVIDUAL who doesn't mind some downtime


Skin Transformational Treatments

Anti-Acne-Rx Therapeutic Peel & Healing Package:  

*  Naturally Therapeutic Salicylic acid peel 

*  Salicylic is the active ingredient in aspirin that helps RELIEVE uncomfortable INFLAMMATION common with hormonal acne

*  Helps "reboot" the skin to help it function more healthy  * Helps STOP the Break-out Cycle!

*Alternate Rx Therapeutic Peel w/Healing Oxygen

2-sessions of Rx Therapeutic Peel

2-sessions of Oxygen Detox Facials 

Package:  $359 (Includes a Mini-home care kit; Regularly cost $429. Save $70) 

MICRODERMABRASION PLUS+ Vitamin A-ntioxidant Peel:  

*  "Combining the topical exfoliating benefits of a microdermabrasion

*  PLUS the deeper more transformative benefits of a Antioxidant Vitamin A peel

*  Not for sensitive skin  

*  3+ days of visible peeling may occur 

$175 (3 + days of flaking/peeling)

60 Minute Session

Five Day Peels:

Yvonne's Garden Spa

Please Note:  All below treatments are "Exfoliating" treatments and may have some "down-time" 

associated them.  Treatments listed in order of intensity.

"NO HIDDEN COSTS! Trio Packages INCLUDE home care healing cream"

New!  5 Berry AntiOx Peel:

  *  Ideally for Environmentally "Sun" Damaged or Mature Skin Types looking to achieve a nice healthy

GLOW & Noticeably SMOOTHER skin Texture.  This treatment uses 5 different Berries high in 

Antioxidants mixed with science (manmade) to synergistically ENHANCE the overall outcome for healthier

skin!  It's GREAT Bi-Annual Anti-aging & Corrective



Great "Corrective" Skin Fitness Treatment!

Vitamin A-ntioxidant Peel:

                                     *  This treatment focuses on strengthening the skin while reversing "environmental" damage
                                                                                    *  An overall great "Anti-aging treatment" 

*  Begins with a Beta Peel(exfoliator) loaded with Antioxidants (skin strengtheners)

*  Finishes with a PURE vitamin A Retinol peel (additional exfoliator)

*  Visible improvement with the overall texture & fine lines & achieve that youthful "glow" 

*  Some experts say "Three to four treatments within a month is equivalent to one year of retin-A use!  

$169 or 3 for $459 TRIO package (includes post care healing cream & savings of $86)
( moderate visible skin peelings for  3-5 days per session)