The most thorough & custom microdermabrasion session you'll receive in the DFW area! 

*  "Deep Pore" Cleansing Facial

*  Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme steamed mask

*  Finished with a Oxy-Vitamin Spray 

 $100 (55 Minute Session) or 3 for $280 

Collagen Induction Therapy w/ Human derived Growth Hormone (HGH) Penetration
Collagen Regeneration Treatment​
*  FDA Approved
​*  Contains 57 Growth Factors
* 4X stronger than human platelet therapy (PRP)
*  "Reboots" the skin to regenerate itself and stimulate collagen production
​*  HGH Therapy is COMBINED with treatment to facilitate healing and to increase Collagen Regeneration.
$449 (2 areas) or Trio Package $1199  (SAVE $148, PLUS get a prep & post healing face cream FREE!) 
(Includes: Topical Numbing Cream)

***READ Treatment Details under "Skin Transformation" page***
Custom package discounts available

Skin Fitness Treatments:

Oxygen Facial:  A breath of fresh air! 

*  Yvonne's Signature Facial-"Go To" facial.  Good for all types of Skin! 

* Focuses on using gentle fruit enzymes to remove dead skin & Finishes w/ REAL Oxygen Application (99% PURE)

*  The Oxygen Revitalizes every skin cell by "blanketing" it with 87 trace minerals & vitmanins.  
*  Powerfully nourishing & rejuvenating facial & restorative

*Suggested as your monthly "restorative" maintenance facial

*  Ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES even folks with very sensitive skin and Rosacea sufferers 

$89 (55mins.) or TRIO Package for $240.     

Yvonne's Garden Spa

*ALL Yvonne's Facials INCLUDE a light natural Mineral MAKEUP Application!!*

Derma Planing:  

*  Leaves the skin looking and feeling freshly exfoliated & fantastic

*  Temporarily REMOVES the non-hormonal unattractive facial "PEACH-FUZZ"  

*  A ZERO "Down-time" treatment & leave skin extra smooth and glowing

*  INCLUDES an (optional) FREE LIP WAX !

                                                                 $105 (1 hr.) or Trio Package for $285

Oxygen DETOX  Facial:

-  A Deeper Cleansing Facial 
-  Focus: Powerfully oxygenating & exfoliating 

     -  Great for dull "sluggish" complexions with dead skin build-up

     -  "Oxygenating Masks" Kills bacteria that can cause acne

*  EXTRACTIONS included 

-  Finishes w/ a Healing & soothing PURE Oxygen-Vitamin spray 

$98 (55mins.) or TRIO Package for $260

*ADD: DERMA-PLANING FOR ONLY $30 MORE (or) Vitamin A (Retinol) finishing mask for $15. 
Treatment Ideal for Teenage or Adult Hormonal Acne, Sun damaged or Sluggish skin.  

Microderm w/Oxygen DETOX Facial w/CRYO Mask deeply penetrated w/healing Ultrasound:
​                                The BEST of Both WORLDS-Detoxifies, Exfoliates AND HEALING w/HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE!

                         sluggish, dull, oily & problematic skin-types that needs assistance in HEALING!

*  TREATMENT GOAL: To Stimulate, Detoxify & Heal the skin w/ Zero downtime.            

  $149 or 3 for $389

​                                For a BIGGER Corrective "Bang" Add a Retinol Mask $15 (mild flaking may occur).